I’ve met 3 billionaires, here’s the one thing they had in common

I met my first billionaire about 10 years ago. I was an intern at a radio station and he heard me on air and sent for me. I was surprised because I was a newbie in the media and was basically just having fun. Our conversation was even more surprising, he had no airs at all and he spoke to me like an equal. 

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He told me how one of his children brought me to his attention and how I reminded him of Christiane Amanpour. He encouraged me to keep giving my best to my career and that was that. The meeting was over but that experience was plastered on my mind.

I met my second billionaire about 5 years after that. He watched me on YouTube and asked to see me. I remember the day I got the call, I was like yeah right, get off my phone scammer. Our meeting went very much like the first one, he spoke to me like an old friend. He was impressed with an interview I did and wanted to encourage me. He considered giving me a job but decided I was better off staying in the media industry because of the exposure it gives. 

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My third billionaire meeting happened because a friend recommended me for the job. My friend had raved so much about me that this individual offered me opportunities for four years consecutively. Once again, I was treated like a friend and given access to the inner circle. 

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So what’s the major takeaway from this? What’s the one thing that these three billionaires had in common? They recognized my potential. They saw a seed of greatness and decided to water it. They looked beyond the current reality and saw future possibilities. This is why the rich keep getting richer, because of their ability to see what no one else sees. 

If you wait for everybody else to sign off on an idea before you pursue it, you’re already too late. If there’s anything I’ve learned from reading about billionaires and meeting a few, it’s that immense wealth comes from being a pioneer. If you’re the first to get there, you’re likely to have the lion’s share.

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As a side note, I want to warn you that meeting a billionaire will not make you rich.  They’re not just going to hand you their money because you were lucky enough to make their acquaintance. Also, if you ever do meet a super wealthy person, don’t beg them for money. If you ask for money, you might get it, but you’ll lose access. Access is more important than money if you know how to maximize opportunities. If you have continued access to a rich person, you’re more likely to get rich yourself. 

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Finally, I want to encourage you to do good work. These people noticed me because I was passionate about my work and I gave it my best. I didn’t need to lobby or scheme my way into meeting them. The opportunities came to me. I’m a Christian so I believe in God’s favour but the same Bible tells me that those who do good work will stand before kings.

Don’t wear yourself out trying to attract the attention of the high and mighty. I’m not against marketing and networking, but there’s no substitute to good work. Do your work and do it well and word will go round. You might not know it, but people are watching you. There’s somebody watching you now who can give you a life-changing opportunity. Are you giving them a good show?


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