Why you shouldn’t start or end your day with Instagram

“Let me just check Instagram before I sleep.” That’s what I said to myself yesterday night, and I regretted it. In fact, if not for God it would have ended in literal tears.

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While scrolling, I stumbled on someone’s IG stories. She talked about people in their 30s being unable to have children because they got married “late”. Apparently, some women need medical intervention to get pregnant and the men have poor semen quality because of lifestyle choices etc.

I felt myself start to get anxious and I closed the app. But obviously the damage had been done. My mind started to race. Thoughts like “Does this mean I won’t be able to have kids?” “Which kind of trouble is this?” “Who told me to check Instagram?” filled my head. After a while, I asked myself a simple question: “What can you do about it now?” The answer calmed me. Nothing. There’s nothing I can do about not having kids right now. 

check instagram
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Am I willing to shack up with a random guy so I can procreate? No. Do I want to rush and marry someone I don’t like just to have kids? No. There’s nothing I can do right now except wait. I have no guarantees of what the future holds, but let me even get there first instead of trying to cross bridges that haven’t been built. 

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That’s the problem with social media. It has a way of making molehills into mountains. It makes you feel a false urgency about things that are either out of your control or none of your business. Not to mention that Instagram now wants all of us to dance and organize 15-second fashion shows for engagement. Well done Mr. Algorithm. 

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I’m not saying you should abandon social media, just make sure it’s not controlling your life. Don’t start your day with it. Don’t check Instagram as soon as you wake up. Do something productive first. Pray, meditate or read something inspiring. 

check instagram
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And definitely don’t end your day with social media. Or else you could find yourself having nightmares about something that might never happen. That’s right, put down the phone and go to sleep. Good night.


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