5 Common Lies Women Believe About Men And Love

It’s amazing how much discomfort we women put ourselves through in relationships because we choose to believe obvious lies. These lies women believe are so common that you’ve probably heard them all before.

lies women believe about men
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But just in case, here are 5 common lies women believe about men and love:

1. “I can change him”

This is a myth. The fact is you can’t change a man and you shouldn’t even try. It’s too much work and it will probably be a waste of your energy. People change because they want to not because somebody made them change. 

Even if the man changes temporarily, he will eventually go back to his old ways. Trying to change a man will either turn him into a pretender or stress you out and give you premature wrinkles. Either way, it’s a total waste of time and you deserve better. Why try to change a bad man when you can get a good one? You are not a rehabilitation centre for badly behaved men. Cut your losses and cut him loose. 

Also marriage doesn’t change people, rather it exposes more bad habits. A man who was cheating on you won’t automatically stop because there’s a ring on his finger. A man who was hitting you won’t change because he said I do, he will probably get worse. There’s no guarantee that having a child for a man will make him responsible. Do you really want to take that risk? Don’t do it. You deserve better.

2. “He will leave her for me”

This one is straight from the romance novels. Guy meets new girl and runs out on his fiancée for her and they live happily ever after. Don’t be deceived babe. He’s lying to you and you know it. He’s not going to leave her. 

Did he tell you that he’s not happy with her? He’s lying. Did he tell you that he’s confused about who to choose? He’s lying. Did he go as far as wishing he had met you before her? That one is straight out of the playbook of Big Fat Liars. Don’t fall for it, and if you have, it’s not too late to walk away. He is not going to leave her, he was never planning to. He just wants to make you number 2. You’re a number one sis, you deserve to be someone’s one and only. Stop letting that man play you, walk away.

3. “If I work hard enough, he’ll fall in love with me”

This will end in tears. You can’t make a man love you no matter how hard you work for his affection. Deep in your heart you know this because you’ve probably seen other women exhaust themselves over a man and yet get nothing out of it. You deserve love that is given freely. Stop trying to force that man to love you. You deserve better and you will get better if you will just wait for it. 

I’ve tried to make a man love me before and it didn’t end well. So I know from experience that this is a bad idea. It didn’t work for me and it won’t work for you. Don’t strip yourself of dignity trying to make a man love you. You deserve better.

4. “I can’t get anyone better”

Lies, lies, lies. Don’t believe this lie. I admit that it’s hard to leave a relationship behind. Your mind tells you this is as good as it gets. You’re afraid of the unknown and that’s okay. But don’t let your fear of the unknown keep you in a bad situation. There’s always something better in store if you’ll be brave enough to take a chance.

lies women believe about men
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Life is abundant with good people and good opportunities. If you’ll just believe this in your heart and speak it over yourself, it will become your reality. Take time to feed your own soul and care for yourself and love yourself. And you’ll be amazed at the beautiful things that life has in store.

5. “All men cheat”

This is one of the most common lies women believe about men. Men are not hard wired to cheat. Cheating is a choice. Men who cheat choose to cheat because they want to and because society enables them. They are not helpless victims who can’t control their impulses.

Don’t be one of those women who buys this story. If a man tells you this, tell him he’s lying. There are still men in this world who don’t cheat. It might seem like we hear more negative stories, but that’s just how the world works. Bad news sells better but it doesn’t mean there’s no good news. 

lies women believe about men
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These are a few of the lies women believe about men and love. If you’ve been believing any of them, it’s time to stop. Any story about love that forces you to settle for being disrespected is a false one. Love does not hurt, and you deserve the best. 

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