Someone accused me of misandry and I’m just tired of learning unnecessary words

A guy accused me of misandry yesterday. I didn’t even know the meaning of the word so I had to Google it. He called me a man-hater. So funny. Me Jola, a man-hater, LOL. What was my offence? The videos I post on my YouTube channel are mostly targeted at women. That’s it. My crime is that I don’t create content for men.

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We first had this conversation a while ago. I shared a link to my video with him and he told me I was wrong to only create content for women. According to him, women just talk, they don’t buy. I informed him that I had no context for what goes on in a man’s head, so I couldn’t possibly speak authentically to men. Then he went on and on and attempted to bully me into agreeing with him. The conversation ended abruptly and I thought that was the end.

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Then yesterday he made a snarky comment about how my intentions don’t matter because women only hear what they want to. And that’s when he dropped the M word – misandry. I should’ve known from the beginning that this guy was one of those insecure men who need to disrespect women to boost their testosterone levels. For some reason, I gave him the benefit of the doubt. I was so wrong. 

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It’s because of men like these that we’ve been forced to learn all sorts of big words. Now I need to know what mansplaining is, and manspreading and hepeating. It’s all too much for me to be honest. How does a woman’s attempts to help other women become an attack on men? Is it that we’re not allowed to have opinions or what?

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I had a very good answer for the guy. It was so good that I would’ve shut him up for life. But the Holy Spirit said I should follow the path of peace. So instead I wrote this post for everybody, including him, to read. Now I drop my golden pen in the basket of petty. Good night. 


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